Hluboká Chateau was originally built as a stronghold in the 1250’s by Czech kings and as such it was used as a collateral security many times so it used to be handed over from family to family. To name the most important ones, we must mention the Lords of Pernštejn who founded the nearby Bezdrev pond in 1490, which is the second largest in Bohemia. The next important owners were the Lords of Hradec who bought the domain in 1561.

7ea1946d2067f216e0e47af6a4f40ded_atr137i3bTwo years later, the new owners had the originally Gothic castle rebuilt in Renaissance style and turned it into a chateau. The late 16thcentury saw another owner, the Lords of Malovec of Malovice who lost the property in 1619 due to being Protestants. Only four years later, Ferdinand II Habsburg gave the chateau to the Spanish general Don Baltazar de Marradas as compensation to settle war liabilities. His nephew sold the chateau in 1661 to Jan Adolf I of Schwarzenberg. The Schwarzenbergs used to stay at Hluboká until the end of 1939 when the last proprietor Dr. Adolf emigrated to the overseas. The family lost their property when a special law called “Lex Schwarzenberg” came into effect in 1947. Thanks to well maintained properties and extensive business operations, the Schwarzenbergs were able to carry out two significant renovations. The first one in the early 18th century introduced Baroque style and the later one (1840 – 1871) introduced romanticized elements of New-Gothic style including amendments made to adjacent park and countryside. The chateau took after English Windsor for the Prince Jan Adolf II of Schwarzenberg and his wife, the Princess Eleonora, née Liechtenstein, used to travel a lot to England. The reconstruction was commenced by the Vienna-based architect Franz Beer and was finished by Damasius Deworetzky who worked on the plush interior designs.

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