The extensive ruins of the Choustník castle occupy the homonymic hill some 12 km south-east of the town of Soběslav at the elevation of 680 metres.


Early-Gothic castle was founded and built between 1262 and 1282. It was a common work of two sons of Beneš of Choustník whose castle was built on a very rare layout introducing two separate castle cores, i.e. residential palaces. One hundred years later, the Choustník castle became an important stronghold for the Rožmberks who used it as an outpost in central Bohemia. More improvement came in the 15th century when there was built massive fortification with two artillery bastions. Excellent defense system proved its efficiency during the Hussite raids when the latter failed to seize it. Late 16th century saw progressing decay in the castle and the structure has only been reported as ruins since 1672.


Today, you can see massive walls and both square residential towers. One of them is 18 meters tall and was turned into a vista point with great views of Soběslav and Tábor regions.

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The Choustník ruins are accessible from a homonymic village if you follow the green-marked path (ca. 1 km). The summit of Choustník also hosts a nature reserve with rock towers and vast stone seas.


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