f8f40611f9e05f37cd10a5c09f4bf26f_petanqueSpending your time at Červená Lhota, you can have a go at playing the well-known French game called Pétanque. Pétanque is for everyone and can be played anywhere. So set off on a trip with your friends, take a pétanque set with you and have a lot of great fun. Pétanque boules and cochonnet can be rented in the restaurant; also we can suggest perfect spots for the game.

Since pétanque is a relaxing activity, you can add a little refreshment from a picnic basket full of delicious food. Playing focused can make you want to eat something and quench your thirst. Picnic baskets are available for rent in the restaurant just like the pétanque sets.

Rental fee for a set: 150 CZK/ 3 hours

Refundable deposit: 1,000 CZK. If you do not have enough cash on you, it is possible to make the deposit by way of credit card transaction authorization. The pétanque set must be returned in proper manner as borrowed, including all accessories. Should you not meet this provision, the refundable deposit shall be forfeited and retained by the restaurant