It will be our pleasure to arrange a hot-air balloon flight for you; the flight you will never forget because you will be looking down on the Earth from a bird’s eye perspective. While ballooning, you will see a lot of places the way you never have, and you will have an opportunity to drift low over a lake surface or almost scrape tree tops. Also, nothing could be more magical than flying slowly just beneath low riding clouds over the idyllic and picturesque countryside of Southern Bohemia. Certainly, it is needless to say that Červená Lhota is the most sought-after goal for ballooning enthusiasts.28be7bf8a792a4502304e8bdfbfb8990_let balonem-aaa

Should you want to take a scenic hot-air balloon ride, please remember this can be only done at the dawn or dusk provided there are ideal wind conditions. Winds cannot be too strong, clouds must be scattered and positively no rain or rain showers.

The flight alone takes about an hour. But be advised that the total experience takes at least two and a half hours because you are welcome to take part in pre-flight set-up and help the crew pack the balloon away after landing. Moreover, you cannot forget the traditional balloonist baptism for first-timers to top up the unforgettable experience.

Do not forget to bring your camera or camcorder to record every single moment of the flight. Doing so, you can share your magnificent experience with the rest of your family and friends who have stayed on the ground.

Price: from 7,500 CZK/person (max. 2 persons per flight) + fee for transport from Jindřichův Hradec to Červená Lhota