Swimming near Červená Lhota is easy to access. There is a number of small lakes and natural and public swimming pools. It is only natural for the chateau is located on the edge of the area with the highest density of lakes in the Czech Republic. However, the most “luxurious” swimming is available in the spa resort Aurora in Třeboň, where you can have a swim in a salt-water pool and use many other water attractions. Jindřichův Hradec offers two water facilities, a complex of a water fun park called Aquapark” and Municipal indoor swimming pool, and swimming spa facility on the embankment of Lake Vajgar near the town’s center. The Aquapark has two water slides, one 82 meters long, and other attractions like water splashing mushroom, countercurrent or pearl buble jets. The swimming spa facility offers water slide rides as well. Should the water in the lake be of poor quality, you can rent a boat and row around the lake with an islet in the middle. More swimming is available in the flooded sand pits near Veselí nad Lužnicí which are part of the natural reserve area “Třeboňsko”. There, you can relax freely on the beach or take a walk along a nature trail. Walking down the trail will take you to places with unique flowers and animals like otter. Actually, it is a place where you can find the only desert in the Czech Republic – ca. 5,000-square- meter sand dune at Vlkov.

Spa resort Aurora in Třeboň

ca. 50 km from Červená Lhota

Indoor swimming pool and aqua world – salt-water swimming pool (length: 25 m) + water attractions

Swimming pool (25 m) has slightly salted water which is gentler to your eyes than chlorine treated fresh water. Next to the swimming pool, there is a wading pool for children. Aqua world has many attractions you might find relaxing, for example wild river, pearl jet buble bench, water massage, gargoyls, water splashing mushroom, 40-meter-long water slide and whirlpools for 6 and 12 people. Aqua world si interconnected with the swimming pool so the water in it is slightly salty, too.

Opening hours: daily from 7:00 to 22:00.

Admission fee: adults 80 CZK/hour (20 CZK every extra 15 mins.)

children up to 120 cm free of charge

tel.: +420 384 750 666

“Aquapark” – water fun park in Jindřichův Hradec

ca. 17 km from Červená Lhota

The outdoor water fun park has a large pool equipped with 82-meter-long water slide and many other attractions:

  • wild river
  • massage jets
  • air bench
  • countercurrent and waves
  • water bell
  • water splashing mushroom
  • water cannon
  • water wall
  • wading pool for children with low-pressure water cannon and a water splashing hedgehog
  • sunbathing meadow

All outdoor attractions including the water slide is free of charge (included in the admission fee).

Opening hours: the park is closed at the moment

Admission fee: adults 50 CZK/hour (10 CZK surcharge after every 60 mins.)

children 30 CZK/hour

tel.: +420 384 321 236

Swimming in small lakes and ponds in the surrounding area

Flooded sand pit outside of Jindřiš near Jindřichův Hradec

ca. 17 km from Červená Lhota

Třešňovec pond in Červená Lhota

ca. 1km from the restaurant