Wedding cakes. We can secure a wide range of delicious and beautifully looking cakes, from small, one-storey wedding cakes to large, three-storey ones, traditional creamy cakes or unconventional English honey cakes. You only come and choose from an extensive catalogue.

Prices: from 1,100 CZK for a creamy one-storey cake to 9,900 CZK for a typical English three-storey cake

Note: the cake in the picture is worth 2,100 CZK.

A complete catalogue of cakes is available for download here: katalog_dortu.pdf (cake catalogue.pdf)

Wedding cookies, sweets and cream-filled cake rolls. To satisfy those with sweet tooth, we can prepare a wide variety of wedding sweets and traditional cookies. Again, the only thing you have to do is choose from the catalogue between shortbread biscuits, puff pastry rolls stuffed with cream, fried cakes, coconat biscuits, chocolate candies, chocolate cookies, spire-like cakes with rum-flavored stuffing, hazelnut snaps, vanilla flavored rolls, cookies, etc…, cream-filled chocolate cake rolls, hazelnut ones, or those made from brown or light-colored dough.

Prices: from 9 CZK/pc./cookie, sweets and from 240 CZK/pc./cream-filled cake rolls

Wedding hampers. All sweets that will not go on the table can be put into paper boxes and handed out to wedding guests upon their departure.

Price: 210 CZK/ca. 300 g/hamper

If you wish, you can give away commemorative gifts such as bottles of wine with a picture of the newlyweds on the label or bars of chocolate with the names and date on the cover…etc.

Wedding bouquet and floral decorations. You can have any type of flowers you wish, from the wedding bouquet for the bride, bouquets for mothers and maids of honor, to small flowers the groom puts in the lapel. You choose the type and color of the flowers and we will make all necessary arrangements for matching decorations. Another option you have is to pick your bouquet from our catalogue.

A complete catalogue of bouquets available for download here: katalog_kytice.pdf (catalogue of bouquets.pdf)

The wedding venue, chateau garden and even the wedding flower gate will be decorated in matching colors. Also, we will secure floral decorations for your cars, myrtle twigs for the guests…etc. Note: floral decorations on the tables are included in the price you pay for the space you have rented for the reception.


Music. Among other services we offer is that we can arrange music bands to accompany the ceremony and reception. There can be one band during the ceremony and another for the afternoon and night enternainment, or you can have a DJ to play songs you will dance to. Again, there is available a catalogue of the bands with mp3 samples of their production.


DJ from 7,500 CZK to 13,500 CZK/night. The price depends on which DJ you choose and the type of services he provides ( karaoke, moderating, laser show, baloon party…etc.)

Live music from 7,500 CZK to 20,000 CZK

A complete list of bands and DJ’s available for download here: hudba.pdf (music.pdf)


Photographer and videographer. The wedding is an event to be remembered, therefore it is necessary to have a professional photographer and videographer to make photos and film footage that will bring the memories back. The photographer will take pictures during the whole day, from the arrival of guests and the ceremony to group photos and stylized photos of the couple in the chateau garden or inside the chateau. Also, he or she will document the reception, wedding customs, and night entertainment. The same applies to the videographer.

Price: from 2,800 CZK/basic services provided by the photographer (photographing the ceremony, group and stylized pictures after the ceremony and the reception + ca. 100 pcs. of 10x15cm printed photographs + 1 CD)

from 3,000 CZK/basic services provided by the videographer (video footage of the ceremony and reception)


Chateau lit-up at dusk. When dusk comes, the chateau is not normally lit up. Therefore we dearly recommend to have it lit up in order to achive truly romantic atmosphere you could enjoy till the end of the wedding day.

Price: from 1,700 CZK


Fireworks. Fireworks prepared specially for the occassion is a perfect complement and truly memorable event for you and your guests. There are three types of fireworks with equal prices.

Small-scale ca. 3 to 5 minutes

Medium-scale ca. 7 to 10 minutes

Large-scale ca. 10 to 15 minutes

Prices: from 12,000 CZK/5 mins


Flying wishes. Write it, Light it, Watch it Fly. Flying wishes are very creative and provide an amazing and spectacular way for you guests to express their wishes for you.

Price: 200 CZK/pc.


Beauty service. We will be happy to arrange a hairdresser, make-up artist and nail technician to be at your service on the wedding day either here at Červená Lhota, or at your place. Obviously, you can have an arranged try-out appointment at the salon before the wedding day.

Car rentals and transportation of guests. For true romantic types, we can arrange for renting a vintage Citroën DS 21 Pallas or secure renting luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, or a limousine Lincoln President with a driver. Guests transportation depends on the total number of persons, then you can have a car (capacity up to 5 seats), minibus (capacity up to 22 seats), minivan (capacity up to 9 seats) or coach (capacity up to 48 seats).


Horse-drawn carriage ride. Fairy wedding would be incomplete without a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Before ceremony, this can take you as far as the lane of guests that will guide you to the altar, or it can take you away after the ceremony to the park for photo shooting.

Party tents. Should you opt for holding the wedding party in the outside, we dearly recommend sheltering the space with white party tents. Some walls can be replaced with fabrics to match the carpets, parts of the roof, complements, and floral decorations. Thus, the tents are not only practical but also decorative enough to provide a perfect place for your entertainment even during worsening weather.

Graphic materials, wedding announcements, menu. We will have your announcements, the menu and seatings instructions printed for you, everything according to your choice and requirements. All printed materials will be in matching style so that the wedding tables are arranged in one style and matching colors.

Baby sitting. We welcome all babies to join your party and if you would like to take some rest and enjoy a bit of entertainment with other grown-ups, we offer safe and reliable baby-sitters. Of course, they can speak foreign languages if requested.

Price: from 200 CZK/hour


Honeymoon. Leaving the wedding celebration, you can directly go spend your honeymoon in a historic gem of Southern Bohemia, the town of Český Krumlov. Hotel Bellevue Superior**** is an ideal place to celebrate entering into marriage as a couple and we will be happy to arrange this stay for you to top off the celebrations more than satisfyingly.

Note: All prices are for your orientation and are subject to change as seen in cost calculation according to your requirements.