Open-face sandwiches, cocktail snacks, canapés

On offer you will find a wide array of delicious open-face sandwiches, cocktail snacks, and canapés which may be topped with ham, salmon, salami, egg and mayonnaise, Camembert, crab, etc. The sandwiches and cocktail snacks may be a perfect choice for your night buffet or they can add to light refreshments served to wedding guests after the ceremony.

Price: 10 to 25 CZK/1pc.

Assorted fruit, vegetable, ham and cheese served as cold buffet

Again, there is a wide selection of cold buffet plates and mirrors to fill your buffet table. The offer includes dishes with a selection of ham and salamis, smoked sausages and meats, French cheese mirrors, and assorted vegetable and pasta salads…etc.

Price: from 600 CZK/1 plate (the price subject to the kind of fruit and vegetables available in the season and the size of plates)

Chocolate fountain

The right choice to liven up the selection of food on your buffet table. Belgian chocolate fountain is perfect with small bits of fresh fruit dipped in the stream of flowing chocolate.

Price: 3,000 CZK + fruit according to weight


The yard terrace is equipped with an outdoor barbecue grill and you are given a chance to grill fresh meat, piglets, chickens, fish, vegetables, etc. with the assisstance of our cooks.

Pricefor instance: 270 CZK/person (based on the weight and type of meat)

150 g chicken

150 g beef

150 g pork

piglet (ca. 40 kg) ca. 10,000 CZK

ham piglet (ca. 3 kg ) ca. 4,000 CZK


Night entertainment counts among the most important aspects of the wedding. Long drinks and cocktails are very popular if you want to “boost” the entertainment. All cocktails are prepared by a professional bartender. If you wish, we can arrange a true bartender show as a surprise for the guests.

Corkage fee

If you want to bring your own (B.Y.O.) alcoholic beverages, we charge corkage fees. Note: standard bottle = 0.75l or 0.7l or 1l.

Corkage fees:

B.Y.O. wine 200 CZK/standard bottle

B.Y.O. champagne 250 CZK/ standard bottle

B.Y.O. liquor 500 CZK/ standard bottle