068fa8c1146cffa30ad0ed62d888b5f1_restaurace 2aInner yard terrace – seats around 80 people

The open-air, inner yard terrace offers a few direct views of the chateau which makes thterasa.jpge overall experience even stronger and having an outdoor wedding reception will certainly become truly unforgettable. All terrace tables are sheltered with large sun umbrellas, yet, you should ponder whether these could be sheltered with party tents or pagodas which can be arranged for, as well.


Indoor premises of the restaurant

Indoor premises offer three interesting options for holding your wedding reception. Each place has a special charm and the choice entirely depends on the number of wedding guests and your idea of table arrangements.

4cabef6a4bcc368e6d5c5979a7d48cb7_smutní_009aLounge with a view of the chateau – seats about 40 people

Lounge with a view of the yard – seats about 44 people

Lounge on the 1st floor with a view of the yard – seats about 70 people


Chateau garden – unlimited capacity

The Chateau garden capacity is almost limitless. It is practically a must to equip the venue with party tents and/or pagodas because the event can be then held rain or shine.

Note: All premises must be rented; the premise rent rates are based on the date, number of people, and other customers’ special requirements. The price for rent include the flower decorations on the tables.