Lounge with a view of the chateau – seats a group of about 40 peopled157bf2715bc1b25c85f4f36da8f8b37_restaurace 1a

The lounge is overlooking the nearby chateau, the area in front of it and the chateau gate so it gives you a great opportunity to peacefully enjoy the fine meal while watching the beauty of the chateau and soaking up the fairy-like low-key atmosphere created by the long history of the place.

Lounge with a view of the inner yard terrace – seats a group of about 30 people.068fa8c1146cffa30ad0ed62d888b5f1_restaurace 2a

The lounge overlooking the inner yard terrace provides the atmosphere as charming as any other part of the restaurant. The lounge has been completely reconstructed and is furnished in modern style with respect paid to the charm of the historic details as seen in the vault and other details.

The Upper Restaurant – seats around 80 people. The restaurant is located in a simply-furnished wing of the building when compared with the two previous lounges. It occupies the first floor and through two doors you can get on a balcony overlooking the restaurant yard terrace. This restaurant is mainly used for pre-arranged private functions.
Inner yard terrace – seats around 80 people. Some seats offer splendid and romantic view of the chateau. Outdoor tables standing on the terrace are sheltered with large sun umbrellas. There is also a children’s playground offering a lot of fun to children and you can get your refreshments at an outdoor bar.