The present of the Červená Lhota Restaurant. The restaurant occupies a building that is located directly opposite the chateau named Červená Lhota. The restaurant finds itself in a historically valuable house which lends to the unique atmosphere you may as well enjoy while having your meal at a table overlooking the chateau..

The interiors offer modern designs and traditional materials and details as well as trendy decorations perfectly matching historical styles. One of the lounges has windows overlooking the nearby chateau so our guests are welcome to take full advantage of enjoying the truly romantic, fairy-like atmosphere.


The past of the Červená Lhota Restaurant. The first written proof of the existence of the village of Červená Lhota dates back to 1465. Between 1542 – 1555, the original Gothic stronghold was turned into a Renaissance chateau. At the time, the buildings which today host the restaurant served as farmhouses.

The building, turned into a recreational facility in the 1970’s, was in a very poor state. Subsequently, it underwent a partial reconstruction and the year 2003 saw it reopen for public providing much higher standard of services and amenities than before.

In the same year, the restaurant management started offering accommodations in a number of simply-furnished rooms found on the first floor.

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