Tábor: 32 km from Červená Lhota

d7a42a35990647135c1147cb8fe2ecd0_táborTábor boasts with such rich history like almost no other town in the Czech republic. It has a number of phenomenal sights and there are also many other spots to see outside Tábor. Its history is closely connected with the Hussite movement whose beginnings were inspired by Jan Žižka of Trocnov. In the 13th century, a new castle and the town of Hradiště were erected in the place of former settlement. Tábor had a strategic location and the Hussites took advantage of this fact when they brought the rest of population from Sezimovo Ústí to the place formerly knows as Hradiště. On this spot, the Hussites built a military town in 1420 from where they went to raid the Czech counries.

Being here you should also see:

Hussite museum

Kodet Museum

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