Jindřichův Hradec: 17 km from Červená Lhota

A monumental complex of the state castle and chateau in Jindřichův Hradec is the third largest castle in the Czech Republic. The castle and the town coexist in perfect homogenous harmony. Town’s historical elements and unique buildings and artifacts were the reason why the town became a city reservation back in 1950.

014dd41bea0c9d7cd5b665dd73df86d8_jindřichův hradecOver the seven centuries, the domain, castle and town remained in hands of three important aristocratic families. The Lords of Hradec, Slavatas and Czernins of Chudenice had such power and social status that they participated in governing the country in executive positions. The town obviously benefited from this, especially Czernins brought high-brow culture into Jindřichův Hradec and had the castle rebuilt in such a pompous way that it could stand a comparison with the finest architectural monuments of that time around Europe.

Between 1976 and 1993, the castle underwent a total reconstruction. Today, you can take three different tours of the castle, each showing one historical and architectural period reflected in the building. The courtyards and inner rooms regularly become venues for theater performances, concerts, and other events which make it an important cultural and social center of the town.

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