We are ready to put together an event full of teambuilding activities custom-chosen to meet your demands and abilities of your group. An effectively designed and arranged teambuilding activity in the placid environment at Červená Lhota can add a vivid element to your corporate event. The final price for such an activity will be included in the event cost calculation based on given demands in connection with the corporate event.

In order to make the event with additional teambuilding activities smooth, funny and relaxing, we suggest you hire an activity instructor who can sort out organizational or technical problems, can come up with on-the-spot ideas, assisst your people, delegate and make sure your people are well entertained throughout the day.

The selection of activities we are able to arrange is following:

d0a6302619c82be93d8de00d45d86118_paintball 3Paintball

We can make arrangements for full equipment, and terrain and field preparations. Červená Lhota offers numerous corners and niches you can use while stretching out your imagination in a fight for your life in a game full of adrenaline, adventure and thrill.


An excellent complement suitable for every corporate event held at Červená Lhota. This well-known French game is for everyone and can be played almost anywhere you like. Pétanque boules and cochonnet can be rented in the restaurant; also we can suggest perfect spots for the game. Since pétanque is a relaxing activity, you can add a little coffee break with refreshments from a picnic basket full of delicious food.

ATV’s or two-wheeled Segway electric vehiclesfc7a8046f054e0c43606e5a6e574303b_čtyřkolka

Enjoy an exhilarating  joyride on an ATV or a very unusual ride on a two-wheeled self-balancing Segway vehicle. We are ready to make necessary arrangements for renting both types of vehicles with necessary protection equipment, and if approved, we can organize a small company competition.


High ropes challenge course890c49a699f244026cb569356e54db6c_lanové hřiště3

High ropes course is another attractive, sought-after activity. If required, we will make arrangements for a visit in a high ropes center located about \15 km from Červená Lhota in beautiful forest between Kardašova Řečice and Veselí nad Lužnicí. Accept the challenge and get over a number of rope obstacles at the height of 10 to 15 meters in tree tops and overcome your fears. Transportation to the premises and back can be arranged too.


If you want a low-key activity, why not throwing a small company tournament in minigolf? We will secure renting 8 minigolf tracks with various obstacles and you can have a go at challenging your boss 🙂


The office at Červená Lhota Restaurant is ready to make arrangements for a golf training or a game on a not-so-distant golf course in Nová Bystřice. Groups can have a professional coach to lead the activities while practicing their swings on a driving range; or if you are golfers, go for a full game. Transportation to the golf course and back can be arranged too.

Rodeo Bull22357d5a090fb1ca7a7ae529f26663cf_rodeo_bull_2

Unbeatable fun ride, total success. Should you want a true fun, choose a Rodeo Bull attraction which can make up for a total climax of the entertainment part. Bull-like torso moves untamably around in every direction in wild swings and bows. Try how long you and your colleagues can stay in the saddle.

Bungee Running

Hilarious competitive production, great fun for everyone but spectators mainly. Bungee Running makes you extend a bungee rope as much as possible to get various awards. These may be promotional materials, sweets, bottles of wine, etc. Excellent addition to less formal events.

Afternoon full of sports and games

The office at Červená Lhota Restaurant can make all necessary arrangements for you in order to secure an afternoon full of sports and games in Jindřichův Hradec sports arena which is suitable for all ball games; also, you can rent an ice rink for ice-hockey match, or an outdoor ball-hockey stadium in nearby Pluhův Žďár.

Bike rides and races

One of the additional services we provide to our guests is bicycle rentals. If you like, all members of your party can take part in a race for prizes you choose. The length of the track is up to you. Organization part can be delegated on an activity instructor we can provide.

Human foossballlf38f847031583437ae42786a33cc9e5d_lidský fotbal

Human foossball, the life size version of the popular foossball table game played worldwide. Each player in the arena is harnessed to a pole stretching width wise. Like the foosball men in the table game, team mates can only move side to side within their specific zones, avoiding physical contact.

The Flya33be39bce2c06f95dd2bb4c40ca1732_moucha_jpg

The attraction called The Fly gives a great opportunity for loads of fun. The aim is to run and leap against a vertical wall and hit as closest as possible the bull’s eye of a huge dartboard. Wearing a Velcro suit will help you to stay “glued” to the wall the way you have landed on it. This activity is a great fun for both, competitors and spectators.


The Červená Lhota Restaurant offers croquet sets for rent. Croquet is a lawn game which involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass playing court. Červená Lhota offers a lot of nice spots suitable for this recreational pastime.